Installing an artificial pet turf – your pets will thank you!

Pets always deserve the best. These faithful companions are most of the time treated as full-right family members. Having this in mind, picking out the optimal pet turf, or pet artificial grass is something worth looking into.

Installing an artificial turf gives pet owners a chance to relax while giving their pets a chance to “go to town” on the synthetic system. Artificial turfs for pets can stand up to the wear and tear of paws and claws and eliminates mud and other problems owners might have had in the past.

At Cricket Turf, we provide beautiful and durable turf that your pets will surely appreciate! Our company understands your needs, hence we provide the best service.

Installation of artificial turf comes with its own line of benefits:

  • It’s the fastest way to get a lawn – Installing artificial grass is the fastest way to get a good looking lawn. If you don’t have a lawn, it can take close to three years for grass to come in. With an artificial lawn, this problem can be solved in less than a week. When choosing turf, you will also have to take into consideration your pet’s size, because that can affect your budget and the size of the artificial grass mat.
  • Your pets won’t work against you – Admit it, with grass lawns, they can. They don’t mean to, but they like to dig. They can often cause yellow spots in the lawn where the grass has died, making it nearly impossible to get a good-looking lawn. With artificial turf, you won’t have these problems; keep in mind, however, that proper maintenance will always be needed with artificial solutions too!
  • No pesticides and fertilizers – With artificial turf, you won’t need to use them. These substances can be harmful to your pets and possibly result in illness. Artificial grass saves you the cost of these products and won’t harm your pets.
  • Low maintenance – With pet turf, you can save precious time and money because you don’t have to worry about sprinkler systems or mowing. On the other hand, urine and feces must be cleaned regularly to avoid odor, so a properly chosen, installed, and maintained system is essential!

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